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The Benefits Of OKRs

Today, many reputable and prominent companies have adopted the use of OKRs goal-setting process. This is a reflection that the OKRs strategy can be beneficial for businesses that aim at being successful. OKRs model focuses on expressing the goals of the company effectively and powerfully. The crafting of the mission and vision of the company is such that it helps to engage all eth employees. When this happens, the top goals and priorities are understood to everyone.

For those that are new to OKRs, they may be wondering just why they should start using it. You, therefore, may not be sure whether or not to go ahead and start using OKRs. In this article, we explain the various benefits of OKRs.

With OKRs, there is the focus when it comes to the goal-setting process. When it comes to setting OKRs, you do not have so many options. Although you can always have more than a single objective, they will never exceed seven. When coming up with key results, they cannot be more than five. This means there will be less to focus on. This ensures that whatever you come up with will be really easy to focus on. You are also able to prioritize goals to ensure you have them in the order of urgency.

As well, with OKRs, you are able to achieve alignment. When the top-line objectives have been set and made aware to everyone, then this means that the work begins. The company now has to shift since the planning process is complete to move towards implementation and execution. This, therefore, means that the daily activities in the company will be geared towards the vision of the company. This is the actual alignment process. this transition can never be ignored. Notably, companies that align highly end up performing really well. When companies are highly aligned, then the chances are high that they will bring out top performance.

OKRs also ensure that there is commitment. Once there has been focus and alignment, then the next thing is commitment. Each employee at every level has got to show their commitment. This means roles, schedules, as well as resources, will have to be adjusted to meet the set objectives. Every team member will have to show their effort in their various roles and how they are contributing to the achievements of the OKRs. Transparency and alignment help to ensure commitment.

The tracking process is a vital component of the OKRs. Since various metrics have been established, they should be sued for tracking every objective. Instead of daily checkups and tracking, weekly tracking I preferable. Tracking is vital to keep everything and everyone in check. The process ensures that there is no slippage.
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